Frequently Asked Questions

What about privacy?

All uploaded photos and ready vision boards are removed after about one day.

Ready vision boards and photos are stored for 3 days for registered users and this period may be extended for a day if you have edited your vision board. This allows you to identify the goals and find the proper pictures.

However, if you use a computer that can be accessed by other people, for example, at work, in a hotel, or at a university, you could remove all uploaded files. Click on "Delete all ready vision boards" in the "My ready Vision boards." Your photos used for Vision Boards can be removed on the vision board designer page of any template.

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I have a great idea how to improve the service! What to do?

If you know how to improve the service, or if you are faced with any difficulties or errors, please write us via the contact form.

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Develop Fototalisman.com together - more photos, templates, and new ideas!

You could support the project by telling your friends about vision board and Fototalisman.com by sharing a link on your social networks or by publishing your Vision Board on your blog.

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