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Vision board talismans are presented as sacred symbols of different cultures: Runes, Feng Shui, Slavic amulets, stones, and gems.

They will bring good luck, when they feel the power of your thoughts. Talismans can energize your vision board and give you faith that the universe is ready to help you.
And Faith works wonders!

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Vision board can be created not only for yourself, but also for people in your life. Make several vision boards to which you can always go back and edit. You can also track the progress in achieving the goals and create a new version of vision board every month.

You can save and edit 40 Dream boards with a premium account (or 20 when buying a monthly premium account).

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When you create a vision board you should concentrate on visualizing your goals. The more you pick up a specific picture of your desire, the more vision board is effective. The premium account allows you to store up to 100 photos of your goals (or up to 50 if paid monthly). However, unused pictures are not deleted, in case you need them in the future.

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