Stairs to heaven II

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  • Hieroglyph "Wishes come true"

    Talisman carries the energy that will help you in any endeavor. Will assist in the fulfillment of desires and goals.

  • Hieroglyph "Wealth"

    Talisman contributes to material and financial well-being. The Feng Shui character should be placed in the wealth area in the top left corner of your vision board.

  • Hieroglyph "Love"

    Talisman will help you find love, strengthen family ties, to resolve love conflicts. The character should be placed in the upper right corner of the vision board.

  • Hieroglyph "Success"

    Talisman attracts customers, business partners, ensures success in all endeavors, and promotes new ideas and opportunities.

  • Hieroglyph "Health"

    Talisman helps to preserve good health, to cope with illness, as well as gives you strength each day.

  • Hieroglyph "double happiness"

    Talisman promotes the fulfillment of desires that will bring you happiness. Feature of this talisman is its double power that you can share with your partner.

  • Amulet of financial well-being

    Helps Increase profits, find new sources of income.

  • Amulet of success

    Attracts good luck, useful contacts, gives more confidence in their abilities.

  • Amulet of understanding in the family

    Strengthens family ties, brings harmony in relationships, suppresses conflicts, and keeps alive passion.

  • Amulet of health and longevity

    Promises rapid recovery of the patient, protects the health of the body and spirit.

  • Amulet of spiritual self-perfecting

    Helps to get out of the impasse of life, from depression, find new life values and goals, as well as gives mental harmony.

  • Amulet love wins

    Tunes you into the life wave of your lover, which will help you to better understand the person and find the key to his heart.

  • Belbog symbol - Good luck, happiness

    Amulets bodes both material and nonmaterial benefits. Brings good luck, success, and happiness.

  • Lada symbol - Relationship

    Family symbol helps salvage a marriage and strengthen your relationship.

  • Kolovrat symbol - Changes

    Sign of Christmas Carols (Brace) Amulet leads you to the change! It will help break the cycle and put you on your new stage of life.

  • Kupala symbol - Health

    Talisman abolishes ailments and diseases, helps in the conceiving of a new life.

  • Vedera symbol - Find the right way

    Spiritual talisman shows the right path, as well as contributes to finding your calling and purpose.

  • Family symbol - Gives strength to those who are desperate

    Talisman contains power of generations, gives support and belief in yourself. It helps in all aspects of life.

  • Tiger's eye

    Talisman off the evil eye and spoilage, as well as helps to approach fulfillment of desires, to increase the state, and gives strength in the critical moments of life.

  • Ruby

    Ruby gives bravery and sober mind, drives away sorrow, anguish, and nightmares. It is a popular belief that this stone can inspire a person to do great things.

  • Sapphire

    It is a symbol of wisdom, power, justice and victory. Stone can help a person to find a purpose in life, to overcome fear and laziness.

  • Pearl

    Pearl gives peace of mind and harmony. It gives you the ability to look at things objectively and strengthens the faith in a relationship.

  • Jasper

    Talisman attracts good luck, happiness and prosperity in the house. It is able to give the fortitude and wisdom to its owner.

  • Malachite

    Talisman helps awaken feelings, salvages a marriage, and develops spiritual powers. Many people consider malachite protects children.

  • Amber

    Amber is a source of optimism, faith and inspiration. This stone gives physical strength, optimism and brings good luck.

  • Turquoise

    Stone of composure, reconciles enemies, brings peace to the family. Turquoise gives confidence and helps you focus on your goals, as well as helps you stay focused instead of being distracted by the bustle.

  • Chrysolite

    Chrysolite helps find the right solutions and gives peace of mind. It will help to find lost confidence in life after the disappointment.

  • Heap of money

  • Gold bars

  • Golden coins

  • Money bag

  • Golden coins

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